We warmly welcome you to peruse our Spiritual Educational Offerings here on our website that you may nourish, deepen and empower your own personal Spiritual Path.

Throughout our 27 years of serving various world communities, our initial Commission to be an authentically connected and integrous organization of hosted channeled Angelic and Ascended Master Teachings for a New Renaissance on our earth hasn’t really changed.

What has changed, however, is the deepening awareness of the profound privilege it is to be in service to this divinely ordained Commission and the ever growing need in our world for these Teachings.

We have also been made aware of who is the Source of these revelatory Teachings that seem so relevant as Heart and Soul Awakenings and Healings for us all given the overwhelming challenges of our present day world … that Source who these Divine Guides honor and serve so impeccably … that of the ultimate Creative loving mysterious force of Divine Mothering God Essence in perfect union with the ultimate manifesting power of Divine Fathering Essence.

As you will discover, all of our Programs are created by Angelic and Ascended Presence channeled through Phaeryn Sheehan, the present Listener for our Foundation.

We also want you to know that we have a seasoned and spiritually devoted Staff representing the Northwest, Northeast and Southwest Regions of the US:

  • Marie Marks of the Northwest
  • Susie Baron of the Northeast
  • Marshall Estner of the Southwest

Lastly, know that our Foundation is a sacred space of heartfelt, safe Community and Spiritual Family so whether you are part of our online Programs, participants of our Earth Ceremonies or a guest of one of our Festival Of Light activities, we encourage you to get to know and engage with all of us.