We welcome You into the Sanctuary of our Divine Mother’s Heart

May You find Her and be Renewed

In the midst of the most tragic circumstances happening on our earth radiates, nonetheless, the tenderest of great love – the love of our Mother God.

We can imagine Her Loving Gaze beckoning us into the safest and most nurturing refuge of all, the Sanctuary of Her Most Devoted Mothering Heart.

Closing our eyes and letting go completely into Her Breath that keeps us alive in every moment, we rest.

Finally, we rest into Her Loving Gaze and comforting embrace.

We are home … back to ourselves and from whence we have so often strayed … back to where we have always belonged … in our true Mother’s Heart.

In this sacred place, we can remember who we are, what we have come to accomplish, and our Mother’s miraculous care, always.

To seal you sacred connection with her, we offer you this prayer to say often and cherish.


Holy Mother Flame within my heart
Help me to manifest all you are.

Teach me to see Yourself in all.
Help me to show ones how to call

All Your Glory from the Sun
Till Earth’s great victories are won.

I AM, I love You, I am Your All.
I AM, I love You, please hear my call.

I hear your call, My beloved dear.
I AM your heart so never fear.

I AM your mind, your body too.
I AM in every cell of you.

I AM the earth and sea and sky
and not one soul shall I pass by.

I AM in you, you are in Me.
I AM, I AM your Victory!!