Our Story

Our Story

The very last desire our founder, Ilona Linda Day, had in 1985 was to be a Channel for Spirited Consciousness. She had just moved to California from the Midwest and was far more focused on living a more lighthearted lifestyle…that is, until It happened!

It happened as she was coming out of a surprise sleep when she found a strange message on her large easel written to her and yet also written by her in her own handwriting. It had an “out of this world” kind of message that seemed to be inviting her to engage with astonishingly loving Beings in some way. It was so out of “left field” she intended to just dismiss it but it was for naught. They continued to be more and more engaging with her.

As time passed, she found that when she shared about these inexplainable experiences, there would be some relief. Then one night as she waited for sleep, it dawned on her that she was destined to be these astonishingly pure and wondrously loving Spirit Being’s mouthpiece, their actual Channel.

It wasn’t much later that she felt guided to co-found a  Spiritual Vortex/Foundation to honor and serve the Divine Purposes of these wondrous Ascended, Angelic and Ancestral Light Presences. The Foundation came into being in 1985 in Laguna Beach, California. Not only did she step into her true destiny of her short lifetime but she lead the way for the rest of us who were her students.

For the next four years, many advanced Light Beings guided and graced us through her and when she passed on in August of 1989, her student, Phaeryn Sheehan, became her successor and is still serving as our Foundation’s Master Teacher and Channel today.