We are being called into Divine Action to prepare for an energetic reconnection to our Earth Mother.

We can no longer wait for the time is NOW. How much more do we need to experience before we understand that good intentions and wanting to make a difference are not working?

The Ascended Masters core teaching is that it is imperative that we reclaim a deeper connection with Earth Mother as the source for our healing from a world of fear, anger, separation and destruction and transition into a world co created by us of love, compassion and well being for all.

The Menucha Retreat Center offers a most intimate and natural setting to experience newly our reconnection to our Earthly Mother.

For 30 years Phaeryn Sheehan, Spiritual Teacher and Channel of the Ascended Masters Foundation, a Spiritual Teaching Foundation has represented the Ascended Masters Teachings.  During this retreat the Spirit of Earth Mother will guide us through Sacred Practices and Ceremonies so that we are able to feel this reconnection.

According to Phaeryn, this once in a life time retreat will leave us spiritually revitalized, with renewed hope and specific guidance for ourselves and our world.

This awaited Divine Intervention will:

  • Release our grief from the harm we have caused the Earth
  • Recover our relationship with the Sacred of our Natural World
  • Reclaim newly our partnership with Mother Earth Retreat


Spiritual Teacher/Channel:

  • Phaeryn Sheehan is an Irish Intuitive with 30 years experience guiding the Ascended Masters Foundation

Location, Dates, and Times:

  • Menucha Retreat Center, Corbett, OR
  • Rooms are double occupancy with a bathroom.
  • July 6, 2017 4:00 pm- July 9, 2017 10:00 am

Registration Fee:

  • This event is past. Watch for upcoming events.